Hanging Rainbow Window Ornament

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Pilgrim Imports is a fair trade company in Milwaukee Wisconsin, whose mission is "Working Together for Good.". They partner with craftspeople in Chiang Mai, Thailand, ensuring that artisans earn a living wage by getting their crafts to a larger market.  This helps artisans keep their families and villages together while providing a better life for their children.

Each ornament is intricately hand-crafted with nickel, copper, and brass. There is no lead or any other harmful substance in the metals and solder. While the decorative beads are securely fastened to this ornament, they may still present a hazard for small children. Please exercise caution.-- Image and description courtesy of Pilgrim Imports

Hooks are included.

Size: Approximately 5" x 3"

Handcrafted by artisans in Chiang Mai, Thailand.